The National Softball Organization “Firecrackers” has expanded to Colorado bringing a well-respected name as well as the Firecrackers founding core values.  Our motto “Play with Honor” is taught at every level with in the Firecrackers organization. It is who we are and what our teams are built on.


After our first successful year we are looking to build on the momentum created from the 2014/15 season of competitive softball. Putting Colorado on the map by having well respected and highly competitive teams that not only compete at a high level locally, but also on the National stage. If you are interested in becoming part of a great organization please visit our teams website for more information.


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Firecrackers Mission


Our mission is to provide a level of training to our players that ensures the highest level of social and athletic development and growth.


Playing the game professionally, having self-respect, and respecting others are the core values that this program was built upon. Being a Firecracker means you understand that you are beautiful, certain of yourself, and very capable of playing this game. Most importantly, you are striving to make the decisions that will provide you happiness for the rest of your life.

Who We Are


The Firecracker Organization was formed in 1990 by Gary Wardein to provide a professional platform for young players to learn and develop the skills necessary to excel in softball and in life. When you wear the Firecracker uniform, we want you to know you come from a long history of success from thousands of players who come from all over the U.S.


 With over 100 teams across the country, the Firecrackers are America’s premier fastpitch organization with players committed to or playing in 17 of the top 25 ranked programs in the NCAA.. The Firecracker name is known all over the softball world in countries such as Canada, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Australia, New Zealand, Columbia, Venezuela and South Africa.


We strive to show respect for the game and towards others, and will continue to work with those who create a great environment for our players and their families.

Play With Honor


PLAY with HONOR is intended to be a constant reminder that we are thankful to those that provided the things we have today. We want those who fought for us to feel appreciated every time they see us wearing “Play with Honor” apparel.


Can we ever say thank you enough to our soldiers, our parents and grandparents, our teachers and anyone else who has “fought” to give us the lives we have? When we wear our PWH apparel, we are spreading a message of thanks for the world to see.

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