Deja "DJ" Jackson Swings for the fences at the AFCS 12u Home Run Derby

There's no doubt that Coach gale has a dynamic roster in his 12u Firecrackers-Gale team, but when he needs a power hitter he calls on Deja "DJ" Jackson. That is exactly what he did in the Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series Home Run Derby.

Deja, with a very powerful swing, has been known to hit over the 235 ft. fence at the practice field. That is not an easy thing to do for the older players, and at 12u DJ has done it a few times. Just recently, she started a major rally with a bomb over the fence against a tough in-state Colorado Angels WSK team. This home run lit the fire that they needed to come back and defeat the Angels in walk off fashion.

So when Coach Gale needed a name for the derby, DJ was the name he called on. Though she did not win, it was an experience she will never forget.

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